Bsnl broadband cheats

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Bsnl broadband cheats blog ,have been receiving a lot of traffic lately ,and I want thank every one ,who has been nice enough to send me a email .Some of you have emailed requests on tricks for bsnl broadband ,and I shall ,do whatever i can do to complete the requests.If any of you dont know my email ,here it is , .On a side note ,you can find me helping people on orkut on the bsnl broadband & Evdo community.Any links to this bsnl broadband cheats blog, is greatly appreciated too .
This blog is started , from my own difficulty with bsnl broadband, i have paid more than 30,000 R ,for my bsnl broadband bill ,but now I know how to use BSNL in an efficient way, I download more than 30 gb a month in the free time by scheduling the night unlimited plan.I have even found a way to get the best download speed to my bsnl broadband connection, (230 kb per sec)which I will revealing in the future posts. I can't guarantee if it will work or not but i will just post it anyway.And hacking is not ethical,i have hacked accounts, but I never use them I will make post on that too,- on how to protect you acc . from hackers.Anyway subscribe to my rss ,for future posts on the bsnl broadband cheats blog.