Ever wished to have extra time to surf ,for the night unlimited plans in bsnl braodband , you can do just that by doing this simple trick.
Bsnl braodband has a loophole which makes us enjoy more night unlimited time without any extra charges, this is how to do it .All you have to do to is disconnect your bsnl braodband(if you were already connected) at around 7:55 am just before end of the night unlimited,then connect again before 8:00 am,now you can enjoy your night unlimited time for another 30 minutes ,but you have to be carefull to disconnect your bsnl braodband connection before 30 minutes.For example if you connected at 7:58 ,you have to be sure to disconnect at around 8:27 am, other wise you will be charged for the entire data download .
Hoped this was useful,please come back for more awesome tips, tricks and hacks on bsnl braodband

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