We all know when it comes to broadband ,bsnl broadband and airtel are the two best providers in india.But speed hasn't been a factor in these ratings because both of them could only give away ,just about 2 MBPS or so speeds. But now the word broadband has been given a new name in India ,because of Airtel .It is now the fastest broadband provider in India ,with a whopping speed of 16 MBPS.
The broadband connection ,will be initially available in Chennai,Delhi and Bangalore , and then in the cities of Mumbai ,Kolkata,Pune and Hyderabad.The connection ,will be through the latest ADSL 2 + technology ,and will travel through fibre backbone of Carrier Ethernet Network.The fibre connection ensures that the connection is affordable ,and scalable.Airtel has initially produced two plans ,with 16 MBPS broadband:
A. Speed Combo 2999 - 16 Mbps broadband speed with monthly data transfer limit of 20 GB for Rs. 2999 per month
B. Speed Combo 4999 – 16 Mbps broadband speed with monthly data transfer limit of 50 GB for Rs. 4999 per month.
Extra usage for both the plans cost 0.8 Rs per MB
What can you use it for:
1.You can download two three blu ray movies ,within a few minutes
2.Use the internet as backup storage .
3.Buffering problems solved:No need to wait ,any longer for buffering reasons
What we can't use it for:
1.For Downloading d as much ,as want :The limit can sometimes make life hell ,for heavy downloaders..
2.No night Unlimited:Theres no free time in the late hours like in BSNL .