Bsnl Broadband has night unlimited scheme ,but waking up late in the night for downloading is not feasible at all,this post is shows you how to schedule your computer to download to automatically to connect and download at 2 am and then automatically disconnect and shut down at 8 pm.

First of all Download Auto Power-on and shutdown from here
Now go to RUN, type notepad and write this command in the notepad and save it as connect.bat.

RASDIAL "connectionname" yourusername andpassword
(example RASDIAL bsnl Jose paswort)

To dissconnect from internet make another bat file with command.Save the file as disconnect.bat

RASDIAL "connectionname" /disconnect

Now open auto power-on and make a new task, choose POWER ON and schedule it at 2:00 am.
Make another task and select open file ,select connect.bat you created earlier,again make another task and open your download application (remember ,let the application keep downloading before closing it ).Now again, make another task, and open your disconnect.bat ,and make it open at 7:55 am,now make another task and choose the shutdown option ,at7:56 am

After you set it up it should look something like this:
Next thing to do is hibernate your pc,while auto power-on shut-down is still open,and hopefully you will get to download your stuff.This is my very first post/tutorial,hoped you like it,
do stay tuned for more tip tricks ,tweaks on bsnl nbroasdband

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